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Why choose Blooming Heart?

Fast and professional

Do you have the compassion and empathy to care for others? Are you looking for a career change into the field of health care? Well look no further………


Blooming Heart School of Health offers Nurse Aide 1, Nurse Aide 2, Coming Soon and Medication Aide training programs. We aim to educate our students to get a stable, in-demand, entry-level job in the healthcare industry. Students will be able to secure a healthcare position that they can use to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA 1), (CNA 2) (Currently not offering) or Medication Aide. Many students will springboard into advancing their career as a Licensed Practical Nurse and/or Registered Nurse. We train students in a field that involves assisting, caring for and listening to others who are often in vulnerable stages of life.

Does this sound like what you were looking for? Well please feel free to reach out to us regarding any of our programs and we will walk alongside you on this journey into the health care field. Nurse Aides are valued members of the Health Care Team no matter what areas of nursing they choose.

So be ready to be encouraged, educated, empowered, and inspired. We look forward to seeing you in class.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

Be ready to be encouraged, educated, empowered, and inspired.

About Blooming Heart

School of Health

Blooming Heart School of Health is a healthcare school offering Nurse Aide 1, Nurse Aide 2 Currently not offering, and Medication Aide training programs. Our school falls under the NC Community College system for licensure, NC Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) for state approved curriculum and NC State Board of Nursing for standards and training.



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    Our goal is your complete health and wellness

    Stella Ling

    “Ms.Natasia Grant was an incredible teacher! she is very funny , smart and dedicated to her students and does everything she can to make sure you walk into exam day fully confident and prepared. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you want to pass your state test come here!!”

    Donna W

    “Have you meet Ms.Natasia Grant? This teacher did more than help me!!!! I failed my cna test twice because I had waited so long after class to take my test and forgot, I called Ms Grant she worked with me for over a month making sure I was prepared to test again and I passed!!! She cares about her students and I appreciate her!!! Thank you Ms.Grant for everything!!!!”

    Elisabeth Fernald

    “I just have to say that the best teacher ever is Ms Natasia Grant!!!!! She’s nice, she’s super professional, she talks clear, she will repeat if you ask, she’s just incredible person, I will like to thanks Ms Grant for being there for me, though English is not my first language, with her it was super easy to understand the class and the skills. If you are looking for classes here make sure to choose classes with her!!!!!!
    Looking forward to do CNA2 but I hope she will teach that class,
    This’s the best part, I pass both tests today!!!!!!! and it was a pleasure to meet Ms Grant.”